• Maid of Honor Duties

    1. Plan/host the Bridal Shower & Bachelorette – coordinate travel, splitting the costs, activities, invitations, etc
    2. Spread the word – let everyone know where the bride and groom are registered (especially before the bridal shower)
    3. Coordinate the bridesmaid duties – As the main bridesmaid, the MOH should schedule outfit fittings and carry out any tasks given by the bride
    4. Be her right-hand woman – Give her help where needed
    5. Be available the day before the wedding in case there re any last minute mishaps
    6. Be the messenger if she wants to communicate messages to the family or groom so you are always up on what’s going on
    7. Be the contact person for the bridesmaids so they know where to be and what to bring
    8. Once all of the bridesmaids are done getting ready in the bridal suite,  make sure they clear their stuff out of the bridal suite so that the bride and groom don’t return to a messy room at the end of the night
    9. Make sure she eats and stays hydrated throughout the wedding/reception
    10. Last, but not least, provide moral support and be a great listener throughout the process since it is a very wonderful and “positively” stressful time for your friend. You can really make the difference!

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